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TheLifeErotic: Drea Expectations

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I will once in a while have episodes where I just fall asleep for no reason. No feeling or pain in the head, no memory of falling asleep. The first time it happened I was sitting in front of my computer and eating and the next thing I know I am dreaming but still aware of what is going on around me. The dream was very lucid and very wierd. It was strange in that I was in two places in the dream. I was the 'actor' and I was the 'audience' watching the the actor through a window. The actor could see the audience and vice versa. And both were thinking independently. I was also still aware of what my body was doing. I still had my knife in my hand and knew not to drop it. It was very, very strange. This has happened a couple of other times too. All three times I was consciously trying to wake up but couldn't.

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