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Eat Dominator Bass Can You Hear Me

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Eat Dominator Bass Can You Hear Me

Rottenday: Dominator, I'm not a Darkspawn Lord. Have a little more faith in me than that. (Dominator sighs) If you showed yourself to the High Council unannounced, based on what they've heard about you, they'd probably kill you. If you died, then I'd have no one to help command my army.

Dominator: "Dear Pop-Pop and Meemaw, this is Dominator's Log, Day... 0, I guess. So here I am cruising the cosmos in a giant battleship, armed to the teeth with robots, wearing a suit that amplifies my awesome powers, and ready to destroy a galaxy. It's not too bad out here, but I already miss you guys, and as soon as I find a galaxy to destroy, I'll be home eventually to tell you all about it. Until then, I will represent my Darkspawn heritage with pride, crushing anyone who gets in my way, and shower on a regular basis so I don't get nasty B.O. Anyway, wish I could send you this; you'd have to get an email address. Love, Lord Dominator." (Saves the file) ...Ugh! If only it were that simple! There's a gazillion stupid galaxies out there! A gazillion times more if you include the United Universes! Sure, Pop-Pop's conquered worlds before, and destroyed any who opposed him, but he never destroyed a whole galaxy! Where am I going to find one full of dorks ripe for dominating, dorks full of hope and-- (suddenly she hears an explosion) Whoa! What the grop was that (Looks at an observation screen and sees treasure falling toward a galaxy) Whoa... that treasure looks awesome, but is the galaxy worth the trouble of destroying

Dominator: (wakes up slowly) Man, I'm glad I got these curtains, otherwise people would see I sleep in the nude. (To the audience) Quit imagining that, you pervs! (Stretches, but then sniffs her armpit) Man, I reek! (We cut to her in the shower (still censored) as she hums "I'm the Bad Guy"; cut to her in a robe as she brushes her teeth; cut to her in work-out clothes as she prepares to do push-ups) One, two, three, four, five, six... whaddya lookin' at It's a cartoon! (Cut to a close-up where Dominator hears her growling stomach) Oh, I knew I forgot something.

Dominator: (she is shown in her armor) Okay, after a short time of hearing about this whole Greatest in the Galaxy thing, I've decided to check on something called the Galactic Villain Leaderboard. And the reason I'm making a video about this is because I'm about to show how I react to my position. Let's do this. (Opens the leaderboard) Okay, I don't even know most of these people. Now let's move up. Hmm... where am I There are more planets listed as I go... up... wait... wait, wh-what Wha... what No... No... ahh... AHH... AHHHH...

Dominator: (it's revealed that she finished the candy ring, and she sits down at her computer) "Dominator's Log. Dear Pop-Pop and Meemaw, earlier today I heard rumors about an all-powerful Ring of Invincibility at the top of the Blastroid Asteroid Formation. I had HOPED to get that ring to help me destroy this galaxy faster, but when I got there, all I saw was this lame but delicious candy ring. I don't know who put it there in the first place, but give them credit-- how did they know blorpberry was my favorite flavor Also, this Lord hater guy tried to stop me from getting it, not knowing it was a fake. For a complete joke of a villain, he was pretty powerful; he could've conquered this galaxy before I had a chance to destroy it. By the way, I think he fell in love with me after the fight, but you both know I'm still getting over Lord Masculator, and I don't want a boyfriend right now. Either way, I'll be back to destroying the galaxy, then I'll be right home. Love, Lord Dominator." And... save.

Dominator: (looks out a window of her ship) Something tells me this is gonna be a Dominator kind of day. (a horn honk is heard) Hmm Who could that be (Leaves her throne room and goes to the loading dock and sees a mail truck there) Huh (Goes up to the mailman) What are YOU doing here

Dominator: (her ma


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