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Bob Marley The Wailers - Three Little Birds

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The source of Marley's inspiration for the lyrics of "Three Little Birds" remains disputed. Some believe Marley was using birds as a metaphor for the way Jamaicans had to grow cannabis. Some believe the lyrics are partly inspired by birds that Marley was fond of that used to fly and sit next to his home.[2] Tony Gilbert, a long time friend of Marley, was present at the time he was writing the song and elaborated, "Bob got inspired by a lot of things around him, he observed life. I remember the three little birds. They were pretty birds, canaries, who would come by the windowsill at Hope Road."[2] However, three female singers from the reggae group I Threes who did shows with Marley claim it is a reference to them.[2] I Threes member Marcia Griffiths remarked, "After the song was written, Bob would always refer to us as the Three Little Birds. After a show, there would be an encore, sometimes people even wanted us to go back onstage four times. Bob would still want to go back and he would say, 'What is my Three Little Birds saying?'"[2]

You see, beyond his spirituality, Marley was also a very personable guy. Thus, it perhaps comes as little surprise that behind his message of peace was a real-world tale. The three little birds were not, in fact, poetic symbols of hope, but rather chirpers of sweetness whom he knew by name.

Indeed, Ajax have adopted the reggae anthem as an unofficial club song and will now take to the field with three little birds on their jerseys -- etched in the famous red, green and gold colours associated with Marley's Rastafarian religion. 781b155fdc


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