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Daum PotPlayer is a free media player for Windows that has native support for almost all media files. Out of the box, PotPlayer includes many of the codecs you will need to watch a video, but also supports OpenCodec if a user needs further codecs required by a video. If you are looking for a free media player to play your video files, create recordings, or do live broadcasts, then you cannot go wrong with PotPlayer.


One such product is PotPlayer, a media player that supports a wide variety of files and allows you to listen to music, watch videos and movies, and enjoy the wide variety of media files you can use.

VLC is a free, open-source, and cross-platform multimedia player. And it also comes as the first choice of the TS file opener on your Windows, Mac, and Linux. While playing TS files, you can also adjust the video speed as you like. Besides, VLC can also convert TS files to MP4, WebM, ASF, etc.

Serenitea PotItem TypeGadgetsInventory CategoryGadgetsRarityEffectDescriptionDetailsEnter the Serenitea Pot to access player housing.A teapot obtained from Madame Ping. There seems to be a whole realm within it...ReusableYesUsagePlacedMementoNoHow to ObtainSource 1Reward from A Teapot to Call Home: Part IThe Serenitea Pot or Realm Within (colloquially also known as Teapot, Housing, Homeland, or Player Housing) is a system in Genshin Impact that allows the player to create their own home. Players interact with the system using a gadget of the same name.

Players can request to visit their friend's Serenitea Pot in Co-Op Mode regardless of the World Level. Inside, the player will be greeted by the Teapot Spirit Tubby, who will provide access to various features of Housing.

If the player logs out while inside the Serenitea Pot and then logs back in, they will be placed at the location in Teyvat where they entered the Serenitea Pot. Note that certain Gadgets like the Parametric Transformer cannot be used while inside the Serenitea Pot (see Errors).

In the realm, the player can place buildings, geological features, furniture, decorations, plants, animals, and more according to their liking. These furnishings can be obtained from increasing Trust Rank, completing the Adeptal Mirror, participating in events and world quests, and exchanging Realm Currency from the Realm Depot or Teapot Traveling Salesman.

After obtaining and learning Furnishing Blueprints, the player can interact with the Teapot Spirit Tubby to craft furnishings. The furnishing materials are obtained by cutting down trees, collecting ore and plants, and crafting fabric and dye via Tubby's crafting menu.

The player can host up to 8 of their own Characters in the realm after achieving the highest Trust Rank. While in the realm, characters will generate Companionship EXP over time known as Realm Bounty. This is indicated by a gift with a purple gauge meter. The higher the Adeptal Energy Rank, the more Companionship EXP is generated overtime. Players can also interact with characters hosted in the realm.

"Load", also known as "Furnishing Capacity", is an indicator used to tell the player how many more furnishings they can place. Each furnishing has its own load, with large buildings taking up more load than smaller objects. Due to their need for animations and pathing, animals and characters use relatively high load compared to other furnishings. Many Interactable Furnishings also take up a lot of load.

Load uses a traffic-light system, with green telling the player they can still place many more furnishings, orange indicating that they are running out of space, and red indicating that space is very limited, or that they have already reached the max-capacity.

Adeptal Energy is separate for each realm. The realm with the highest Adeptal Energy determines the Realm Currency and Realm Bounty accumulation rate, even if the player does not currently have that realm set as their active realm. Thus, players only need one Fit for a King realm to fully benefit from the Jar of Riches.

The shop menu of Serenitea Pot can be accessed by speaking to Chubby.The furnishings available in the shop varies and the number of items depends on the player's Trust Rank when Chubby arrives for the weekend. The possible items include:

Visiting others' Serenitea Pots to buy from their Traveling Salesman is required to advance in the Adeptal Mirror and complete Battle Pass Missions. When any player buys an item from the Traveling Salesman, that item will become unavailable to everyone else during that weekened.

Guests cannot edit the realm of the host in any way and the host cannot edit their own realm while another player is present. Guests may enter the Mansion and interact with most interactable furniture the host has placed (such as crafting by using an Alchemist's Crafting Bench or sitting on any chair/sofa). However, guests cannot speak to Companions, nor change the appearance of any furnishing by interacting with it (such as Furnishing Subsystems or Lingering Moment). When interacting with Tubby, the guest can only choose to activate the Guest Assistance or cancel the dialogue.

The full form CD is Compact Disc, and the full form of DVD is Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc."}},"@type":"Question","name":"\u2753 What is a DVD player?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"DVD players are software that allows you to view videos on PC using a DVD-ROM drive. You can use them for playing commonly used media files like MKV, MP4, and 3GP clips, MP3, OGG, MPEG, another video playing formats. DVD player tools provide support for devices like HDTV and TV. Such software offers a good video filtration facility to operate on stream. ","@type":"Question","name":"\u26a1 Does Windows 10 come with a DVD player?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"No, Windows 10 does not come with DVD player software. You need to download DVD player application additionally from the Microsoft store.","@type":"Question","name":"\ud83c\udfc5 How do I open my DVD drive?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Here are the steps to open DVD drive: Step 1: Go to desktop, click on This PC icon. Step 2: Right-Click on CD/DVD Drive. Step 3: Click on \"Eject\". Alternatively, you can press the DVD drive open button on DVD ROM tray.","@type":"Question","name":"\u2757 How do I check if my DVD drive is working properly?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Perform the following steps to check if my DVD drive is working properly or not: Step 1: Open DVD drive. Step 2: Insert DVD into DVD ROM tray. Press button to close this tray. Step 3: The light of the drive should be blinking. You will also be able to hear the sound of a spinning DVD."]}],"@id":" -free-dvd-player.html#schema-26327","isPartOf":"@id":" -free-dvd-player.html#webpage","publisher":"@id":" ","image":"@id":" -free-dvd-player-1.png","inLanguage":"en-US","mainEntityOfPage":"@id":" -free-dvd-player.html#webpage"}]}document.documentElement.classList.remove( 'no-js' );img.wp-smiley,img.emoji display: inline !important;border: none !important;box-shadow: none !important;height: 1em !important;width: 1em !important;margin: 0 0.07em !important;vertical-align: -0.1em !important;background: none !important;padding: 0 !important;body--wp--preset--color--black: #000000;--wp--preset--color--cyan-bluish-gray: #abb8c3;--wp--preset--color--white: #ffffff;--wp--preset--color--pale-pink: #f78da7;--wp--preset--color--vivid-red: #cf2e2e;--wp--preset--color--luminous-vivid-orange: #ff6900;--wp--preset--color--luminous-vivid-amber: #fcb900;--wp--preset--color--light-green-cyan: #7bdcb5;--wp--preset--color--vivid-green-cyan: #00d084;--wp--preset--color--pale-cyan-blue: #8ed1fc;--wp--preset--color--vivid-cyan-blue: #0693e3;--wp--preset--color--vivid-purple: #9b51e0;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-1: #3182CE;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-2: #2B6CB0;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-3: #1A202C;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-4: #2D3748;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-5: #4A5568;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-6: #718096;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-7: #EDF2F7;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-8: #F7FAFC;--wp--preset--color--theme-palette-9: #FFFFFF;--wp--preset--gradient--vivid-cyan-blue-to-vivid-purple: linear-gradient(135deg,rgba(6,147,227,1) 0%,rgb(155,81,224) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--light-green-cyan-to-vivid-green-cyan: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(122,220,180) 0%,rgb(0,208,130) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--luminous-vivid-amber-to-luminous-vivid-orange: linear-gradient(135deg,rgba(252,185,0,1) 0%,rgba(255,105,0,1) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--luminous-vivid-orange-to-vivid-red: linear-gradient(135deg,rgba(255,105,0,1) 0%,rgb(207,46,46) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--very-light-gray-to-cyan-bluish-gray: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(238,238,238) 0%,rgb(169,184,195) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--cool-to-warm-spectrum: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(74,234,220) 0%,rgb(151,120,209) 20%,rgb(207,42,186) 40%,rgb(238,44,130) 60%,rgb(251,105,98) 80%,rgb(254,248,76) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--blush-light-purple: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(255,206,236) 0%,rgb(152,150,240) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--blush-bordeaux: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(254,205,165) 0%,rgb(254,45,45) 50%,rgb(107,0,62) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--luminous-dusk: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(255,203,112) 0%,rgb(199,81,192) 50%,rgb(65,88,208) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--pale-ocean: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(255,245,203) 0%,rgb(182,227,212) 50%,rgb(51,167,181) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--electric-grass: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(202,248,128) 0%,rgb(113,206,126) 100%);--wp--preset--gradient--midnight: linear-gradient(135deg,rgb(2,3,129) 0%,rgb(40,116,252) 100%);--wp--preset--duotone--dark-grayscale:


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